Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November Class and Specials

I have been a bad, bad blogger! Time is just flying by! I am really looking forward to our upcoming class on November 21st (Friday). Doesn't everyone need Birthday and/or Christmas cards every now and then? Here are the card choices for the class (envelopes are included):
The cost is $10 for 10. That's a totally good deal--it pretty much only covers the cost of the supplies. But, since that is what I charged at Super Saturday I thought it would be fair to charge the same amount for the class. Because of the cheap price, I'm not doing bring-a-friend discounts this time.
However, if you bring a new friend, you can take home a free stamp! I have some super-cute retired stamps that were created especially to fit in the Stampin' Up scalloped circle punch (but look adorable on their own as well)--you can pick from what I've got, and it's yours!
And let me tell you about this month's Rub-On Special. Buy $20 in Stampin' Up product and buy as many sets of rub-on's as you would like at 20% off! These are found on pgs. 178-179 in the catalog, and there are an additional 2 sets in the Holiday Mini catalog. Instead of $10.95, you pay only $8.76 for a 2-sheet pack. If you don't own a lot of stamps but enjoy making cards or creating scrapbook pages, rub-ons are fantastic!

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Brooke S said...

What new? I haven't heard from you in what seems forever... I hope all is well.. Are you still stampin' Away?

Happy Holiday Hugs